Plumpton College, established in 1919, stands as an exceptional destination for a summer adventure, particularly appealing to parents and agents of school-age children. Renowned for its focus on animals and outdoor activities, this leading agricultural college boasts a vast 900-hectare campus, complete with a working farm and a range of recreational facilities.

In Plumpton we offer our Awesome Activities Programme. From hands on experience with horses and sports to animal care and forest exploration, there’s something for every young adventurer to enjoy. The courses on offer provide a hands-on experience, including animal care, archery, wall climbing, paddle boarding, e-sports classes, and baking sessions in Plumpton’s esteemed Agri-Food Hub. Excursions, both one full-day and one half-day per week , are also included.


  • Climbing Wall-Reach new heights and conquer challenges with indoor climbing – where every ascent is a triumph, and the climbing wall becomes your vertical playground.
  • Paddleboarding- Dive into the excitement of paddleboarding, an exhilarating blend of adrenaline and tranquility.
  • The Horse Experience-learn about what horses need to be taken care of well
  • Archery-Discover the thrill of precision and focus with archery !
  • E-Sports-Unleash your competitive spirit and strategic prowess in our summer school e-sports program, while honing teamwork and digital skills in a fun and dynamic environment!
  • Bake Off! Be our top baker in Plumpton’s world class training kitchens!
  • Animal Care- learn how to take care of Plumpton’s on-site animals ( meet Barry the puffer fish!)


Primarily features single rooms with modern shared bathrooms, ensuring comfort and convenience for all students of all ages. Our excellent residential facilities accommodate up to 120 students in modern comfortable rooms. Laundry is available onsite and free of charge.

Plumpton’s location in the charming village of Plumpton, just a short distance from the acclaimed town of Lewes, adds to its attractions. Lewes, voted the prettiest town in England, offers a picturesque backdrop for memorable summer adventures. With its proximity to the vibrant city of Brighton, Plumpton College provides not only an enriching educational experience but also the opportunity for exploration and discovery in one of England’s most beautiful regions.


Our summer English courses are designed to give students the opportunity to practise their English in a friendly, multicultural environment. Students are actively encouraged to practise their English with students from other nationalities, both in class and outside. We concentrate on raising their confidence and fluency, and bringing out the English they already know, but can’t yet use.

About our courses:

  • Six levels from A1 to C2
  • All students are tested on arrival to grade their spoken and written English to place them in the class of the correct level
  • 15 hours of teaching per week from qualified teachers including project work to allow them to use their English creatively and learn more about British culture and history
  • A certificate on completion of their course
  • Full awesome activity programme including 5 afternoon activities and 7 evening activities
  • One half day excursion to local towns and cities
  • One full day excursion to more prominent towns and cities further away

All courses include the above.


Half Day excursions may include: Lewes, Tunbridge Wells

Full day excursions may include: London, Brighton, Windsor

Optional excursions (GROUPS ONLY) may include: London Eye £37/Madame Tussauds £40/London Aquarium £30


Key Facts:

Highlights: Awesome Activities Programme
Location: Plumpton
Nearest Big Cities: London and Brighton
Closest Airports: Gatwick and Heathrow
Services Included: 24 hour Welfare and Student Support, WIFI and small laundry service
Staff to Student Ratio: 1:8
School Size: 120 students per week
Age Range: 10-14 year olds. 15-17 year olds
Full board accommodation is included as standard

Course Available

Classic Course + Awesome Activities Awesome Activities:
Climbing Wall
The Horse Experience
Bake Off!
Animal Care

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