Our summer English courses concentrate on improving a student’s level of fluency and to raising their confidence in speaking English. We do this by focussing on speaking and listening activities to bring out what they already know and develop their skills. Students are actively encouraged to practice their English with students from other nationalities, both in class and outside.

On arrival at most centres students receive a written test and an oral interview with a teacher so that we can accurately assess the student’s level and place them in an appropriate class. We keep class sizes small; average 13 students per class but 15 maximum. This allows us to pay more attention to each individual student.

Our teachers are professional and enthusiastic, helping the students to learn as much useful English as possible. They make lessons interesting and fun, using a wide range of language activities designed to improve their ability to communicate fluently.

Our English courses include 15 hours of English tuition per week including fluency practice, project work and excursion preparation lessons to get the most from their trips. St Lawrence College operates a zig-zag programme which means classes can be in the morning or afternoon. We reserve the right to operate zig-zag programmes at other schools. At the end of the course, the student receives an individual progress report written by their teacher and an end-of-course achievement certificate.