In airline policy, an unaccompanied minor is a passenger under 16 years of age (airline regulations vary) who travels without an accompanying adult. A parent or guardian who requests this service fills out a release form, identifying another guardian who will pick up the child at the destination airport. Airline personnel are responsible for escorting the child through immigration and customs and boarding the flight in time. A fee is often required for this service.


When asked to provide a name for the responsible adult collecting a student upon their arrival, Churchill House will give the name of our current transfer operations manager. If this changes closer to the transfer date you will be informed by our transfer department of the alteration and given details for the new responsible adult. In the case that the named adult is unable to personally collect the student on the day of transfer, they may give their authorisation for a different member of Churchill House staff to collect the student on their behalf. Any questions about our UM service should be directed to our transfers department at transfers@churchillhouse.com


Students that book an unaccompanied minor transfer arrival service will be collected at the airport by the pre-designated member of Churchill House staff, or another member of staff that has been given authorisation to collect the student on their behalf. Depending on the transfer service they have paid for, they will then be escorted home by private taxi or wait for their shared transfer to depart.


Students that book an unaccompanied minor transfer departure service will be taken to the airport by one of the school’s fully licensed and trusted courier companies. They will be checked in for their flight and delivered to the unaccompanied minor airline delegate who will then ensure they are escorted to their flight.


  • Our unaccompanied minor airport collection service is available at a cost of £35 per student. Please remember that each airline is likely to charge for their service too.
  • We must be informed well in advance of any unaccompanied minor bookings. In order to guarantee collection, we must have your flight and delegated adult details at least two weeks before arrival. Without these details we cannot collect you and payment for the transfer will not be refunded.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the person booking on behalf of any student under 18 years of age to be aware of the details of their airline’s unaccompanied minor policy.
  • Any cost incurred from the need to upgrade any student to an unaccompanied minor service will need to be paid by the parent/agent/guardian of that student.
  • Any member of Churchill House staff may be assigned authority to collect an unaccompanied minor in the event the delegated adult is unable to collect them in person.
  • All private taxi and shared transfer service terms and conditions apply to anybody booking our unaccompanied minor service.